Diane S Breuer

Fine Art

What I do

My favorite pass time is painting. Especially with my friends. I love learning new art techniques, finding new colors, watching how someone paints, draws, blends, creates. I never want to stop learning. I just wish there were more hours in the day.

I paint mostly in pastel, but enjoy oils as well. I do some watercolors and play with painting on bisque. I have dabbled in acrylics and batik, especially back in my hippie days in India. Oh, and tie die. But that was a long time ago.

I teach private and group art classes for in oil, pastel and clay (hand building). I own the Fresno Art Hub where I teach and sometimes even get to paint. I always have something I'm working on.


Art Activities

I am a signature member of the
Alliance of California Artists (ACA)
Pastel Society of the West Coast
Society of Western Artists
I have served on the ACA board as President, Vice President, Publicity, Newsletter, Webmaster, and a few other helpful things.

ACA is a great organization for artists and art lovers. To visit the website
go to www.allianceofcaliforniaartists.com

You can keep up with me on Facebook

And sometimes I blog. I hope to do more of it soon.